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As most of you know this week I have been attending the Perspectives on the World Christian Movement course. It has been a lot of information to digest, and think over. Some of the big takeaways for me as of right now are:

  1. How important it is to God, that a people from every tongue, tribe and nation are brought to God. Even from the beginning of the creation of the world was this God’s intent. The entire Old Testament is filled with passages describing God’s heart for all nations. The Covenants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, all point to this fact. God tells them, that He will bless them, so that they will bless all nations. So many times we are quick to see the promise of blessing from God (the top line), while ignoring that we are to then bless others (the bottom line.) We also see that God has many ways of accomplishing this. 1st is a voluntary going (Paul and Barnabas, on their missionary journeys), 2nd is a voluntary coming (people coming to see Israel during the reign of Solomon), 3rd an involuntary going (Israel being scattered for failing to reach out to the nations, and the scattering of the church during the first persecution), and finally an involuntary coming (the surrounding nations being mixed in with Israel during the Babylonian captivity).
  2. The importance of making sure to repent of sin quickly. We see from the example of Israel, God blinds the people to His will, when He knew that they wouldn’t obey Him. He did this, so that He wouldn’t have to wipe them off the face of the earth, and thereby defame His own name. If we truly desire to love and obey God, then He will open our eyes to His word. When we refuse to obey what He has told us, then He blinds our eyes to true understanding. It is only when we seek to obey God, and be quick to repent of our sins, that He is able to reveal His word to us.

Overall, this week has been a huge blessing. I am so thankful for the ability to learn more about God’s heart for missions. I look forward to having some time later to reflect on what I have been taught, and work on apply what I have learned.


Please be praying that I would have a safe flight back tomorrow, and continue to pray for my upcoming trip to Austria next week. Thank you for all of your prayers and support. I really appreciate all of your prayers.


Thank you,


3 Responses to “Perspectives”

  • Aunt Brenda Says:

    So glad you’ve enjoyed your time. Sounds like you’ve gleaned a lot from the study!

  • Samuel Says:

    Sounds like it was really good! So glad you got to go. Praying. 🙂

  • admin Says:

    It was really, really good. If you’ve not taken the class before, I highly recommend taking it. Thanks for the prayers!

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